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my spring break so far…

came home Friday to get bitched at because of my math grade… again, slept all day saterday, didn’t do shit Sunday, Monday I was with my broskie’s all day, Tuesday I was at basketball tournaments all day, wensday did math problems all friigan day and got bitched at again… today did math again, and I’m awaiting to get bitched at ….

every single time I go home I get bitched at; that’s why I hate it here so much… can’t wait to leave …


Young Jeezy - “Supa Freak” ft. 2 Chainz (Preview)

Premieres this Sunday on MTV Jams/MTV2 every hour starting at 6AM.

see this is why…

i dont want a man in my life; i dont want to be cheated on or used, i dont want things to go his way i dont want to change things just to please someone, i want to be me for who i am not for what someone wants, i want something in my life thats worth fighting for, where i am right now i dont need anyone in my life to help me with that and i RESPECT myself for wanting to reach my goals; having a boyfriend will get in the way, even though i want one…. but for now SINGLE is the way to be :)

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